I will see how long I keep this journal.. I have had several journals on this site I started on the site because I want to meet new friends and keep a journal for myself to reflect on. Yesterday was an awesome Thanksgiving. My parents hosted and the food was out of this world. Mom bought a fresh turkey right off the farm that they butchered while she waited. It was to die for. My son and his wife made an announcement while we were all there. They bought a house! They have only been in there apartment for 12 months and married for almost 6 months. We are beyond happy for them.

Went to Kohls today my first time ever to go out on black Friday. The store actually was not to bad. The line to wait to check out was very long. Waited atleast 45 mins. Guess that's not too bad. SO I got my mom something my dad and my husband. I only need to get presents for a couple friends, my nieces and nephews and my son and his wife.

Mike is cooking dinner tonight. He is making Cornish hens stuffing and a vegetable. Hes an awesome cook and I am getting hungry thinking about it.

Ok that's all I have for now.